About Us

TrebleNation started out as a bit of a fun project during the CoronaVirus lockdown.  Our Mum has been an entrepreneur and had her own businesses since we were babies so when our schools were closed and we were all on lockdown, we suggested to her that maybe we could have our own business too. Mum thought it was a great idea and helped us to put together a business plan, helped us to build this website and then taught us how to design our own products!

We were really happy when our business took off straight away!

Every one of the products that you'll find on our website has been designed by one of us.  We know what we'd like ourselves - and what our friends would like too.  All of our products are completely customisable and printed to order so if there is something special that you would like to make it completely unique - perhaps with a name on it, or particular design feel free to get in touch.  Find out a bit more about us below!

Kaiya, Tahlia & Haydn

Kaiya (14)

I'm the Senior Designer and Manager of TrebleNation as well as being a self confessed nerd!  I've always loved art, painting and drawing (as well as science and maths) and am about to start my GCSE in art.  I also love clothes and decorating (although my Mum will be the first to tell you that I'm really not very tidy!).  I have lots of friends with lots of different tastes so I'm always asking their opinions on my designs - it's great to get a good idea on what designs are popular with other people my age..  

I'm so happy to have my own business like Mum.  It's been really interesting to see what you have to do to start a business and I get really excited every time someone buys a product with one of my designs on it!


Tahlia (12)

Hi!  I'm Tahlia.  I am the animal lover in the family.  I literally love ALL animals but my true love is horses and anything and everything to do with horses!  I've been riding since I was around 6 and desperately want my own horse.  

I have 2 chinchillas called Burt and Ernie and we have a scottish terrier called Barkley.  I also really love giraffes and have a huge collection of giraffe things in my room!

I'm not as girly as my sister Kaiya - in fact I'm a bit of a rock chick.  I play guitar and really love black and purple.

I really love being able to create designs that are based on all these things!  It's so cool having our own business!


Haydn (10)

Being the younger brother usually sucks but actually my sisters are pretty cool.  They often play Fortnite and Minecraft with me so I guess I'm lucky really.  

Kaiya and Tahlia aren't really into sports so much and don't know as much about gaming as I do so it's down to me to work on those designs (Kaiya does help me to create them though!).

Other than playing on my Xbox and Switch I also love playing cricket and golf.  

My Dad supports Liverpool football team and I do like watching football with him sometimes and formula one too!

I think it's pretty awesome that my Mum has her own business.  I wrote my own business plan for a sweetie business when I was 8 so I love having my own business now!